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Pre-Primary & Primary (age 3-5)

All of our Pre-Primary and Primary (age 3-5) dance classes are instructed by the wonderful Miss Olivia! Her fun-loving class is filled with music, dance and games! Our dancers will explore all different styles of dance while having fun and expressing themselves. This is the perfect class for those students soon entering pre-school to build confidence and independence. For students already in school, this class will help them continue to participate in activities while developing movement and fine motor skills. Both classes are non-competitive, however students will still perform a routine in costume at the year-end recital in May 2023. 

Ballet (age 3+)    

We offer a variety of levels. Ballet is a pre-requisite for many of the other styles. 

​Hip Hop (age 8+)

No previous training required. 

​Jazz (age 5+)
Beginner to advanced classes available. Ballet is a pre-requisite. 

​Acrodance (age 5+)
We offer a variety of levels for this non-competitive acro class. Ballet and jazz are pre-requisites. 

Tap (age 5+)

Beginner to advanced classes available.   

Lyrical (age 10+)
Ballet and jazz are pre-requisites. Must have 2 or more years of previous training.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

Our certified instructors offer a Progressing Ballet Technique program that allows additional training for our advanced dancers.

Contemporary (age 14+)

Advanced competitive class.


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The completion of this form does not require payment at this time. To complete the registration process payment is required at our in-person Registration Night in August. Details will be emailed to you once this form is complete.

We look forward to chatting with you and your dancers!

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